@Risk Rescue Medical Crisis Response System

Our society has a number of known life threatening health risks where access to medication and treatment protocols are critical.

The @Risk Rescue Medical Crisis Response System provides a one stop centralised Rescue Station that facilitates emergency treatment.

This system is helpful for those people who are at risk from anaphylactic shock caused by severe allergic reactions to foods, such as shellfish, milk, eggs, nitrates, soybeans, nuts, wheat, or MSG. The system is also suitable for people who suffer from severe reactions to spider, insect bites and latex.

As well as all the issues above, utilise the system for severe asthma attacks, severe diabetic hypoglycaemia, epileptic seizures and angina.

The @Risk Rescue System can be utilised in a number of settings, such as schools, school camps, all sporting facilities, and the workplace. The station and wallets are designed to either sit in a central area where anyone can easily access a person’s vital medication. It is also specially designed to be carried anywhere.

Everything you need is all in the one place.

Introducing @Risk Rescue – Medical Crisis Response System!

Providing a one stop centralised Rescue Station that facilitates emergency treatment.

Professionals Speak Out

  • The At Risk Rescue System has been perfect in meeting our requirements in managing our students with anaphylaxis and other serious medical conditions. The individual Rescue Kits are durable, easy to use and affordable. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending At Risk Rescue for use in any school.
    Kellie Townsend
    OHS Coordinator, Padua College, Mornington, VIC
  • At long last, there is a new medical system for individuals 'at-risk' for medical emergencies. As a school Principal, I am extremely pleased with the features that the @Risk Rescue System offers. Safety has always been the number one priority for educational staff, and now students and their parents can rest assured that medications, vital information, and procedures are efficiently stored and readily available. As important, individuals are recognized for their medical needs in a very visual and efficient way. I highly recommend the @Risk Rescue System for all schools and large organizations.
  • When seconds count in a medical emergency, the @Risk Rescue System will make a profound difference. This product provides direction and medication to initiate unmistakably better outcomes to any patient in need. With this system in place, it will make my job as a paramedic much easier. It will undoubtedly save lives and lessen the severity of medical emergency problems.
  • I believe that the @Risk Rescue System will be a huge help to educators in assisting us to keep students safe, both in school and, with its portability, on field trips or at other events beyond the classroom.

Message from David Naysmith MD

david-naysmithAs a practicing physician, I have responded to many emergencies in hospital settings. Surrounded by well-trained staff with easy access to medications, most emergency problems can be easily resolved.

I have also faced medical emergencies in ‘out of hospital settings’ where equipment or medications were not available. When doing so, I felt helpless and frustrated, and the outcomes were not always favourable. Even my most respected colleagues, who deal with medical emergencies on a daily basis, are powerless in such situations.

It became apparent to me, that an untrained person could provide life-saving treatment for any given problem if they have a simple protocol and the appropriate medication. With this in mind, I designed the @Risk Rescue System to manage known, potentially life-threatening, medical crises, where seconds, not minutes, are critical. Each module is completely portable and custom designed for the individual at risk.